You have the right to own and bear arms under the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.  While it is your right some places do not let patrons carry firearms.  You need to be informed so you can legally carry your weapon of choice & avoid any misunderstandings with local law enforcement.

A concealed carry class teaches gun safety and the in's and out's of a carry permit.  Certified NRA instructor, Charles Dick, will provide you with the necessary paperwork to obtain your permit at your local courthouse when you have completed this required course.  He will also inform you of the many states that will recognize your Virginia carry permit and other gun laws. Don't assume every state you travel through will recognize your permit or that they share the same gun laws.  

The cost of the class is $40.00 per person. Pre-registration is not required but is encouraged to ensure your spot.  Class times move along as fast and as slow as the participants attending the class.  You are never rushed through it.  An approximate class will last about 2 1/2 hours.  The instructor wants you to leave feeling comfortable in whatever situation may arise. 


This class is for anyone, regardless of their experience! Bring your friends for a fun afternoon of learning!


​Stay tunes for LADIES ONLY classes that are held once a month! This is a fun class that ladies do not want to miss! 

You don't need to bring anything but a valid Virginia photo I.D. 

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Call Charles at 540-312-8446 or email him at

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