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Wes & Lee from Firepower Tactical

Questions contact Firepower Tactical at 540-892-0694 or click on the link above!

We have teamed up with Wes, owner of Firepower Tactical LLC, to bring you advanced concealed carry classes, along with numerous other instructional classes. We are very excited about this and look forward to updating you with more information soon. For any questions, please contact Wes or Lee at Firepower Tactical. 

"Wes Boozer, has 17 years law enforcement experience and 3 years as a Chief Investigator with a northern Georgia District Attorney’s Office.  Wes also spent 5 years in corporate fraud and theft before continuing his training and career with a highly respected international training organization.  In 2015 Firepower Tactical opened in Roanoke using state-of-the-art simulators and the most advanced training techniques to bring our client’s performance beyond their own expectations. 


Lee Guiliani has 35 years in corporate security and a small arms instructor for 17. Lee has the heart of an instructor and a passion for teaching.  He is proud that he has made a tangible difference in what is essential to the safety and security of his students.  Besides being a certified Virginia Department of Criminal Justice instructor, Lee teaches First Aid, Investigations, Personal Protection and more.


Together, Wes and Lee will be conducting classes in Concealed Carry for permitting in Virginia, certifications in Pepper Spray, Glock Detail Lab, Basic Marksmanship, Basic and Advanced Pistol and First Aid among others.  These classes will be held at Bryansteens Gun and Archery on Peters Creek Road in Roanoke. "

For more information about Wes and Lee at Firepower Tactical, visit:

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